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L3014 Conroe or Wolfdale?

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The L3014 is listed as a Conroe CPU on HWBot but I'm not sure how correct that actually is since it looks a lot more like a Wolfdale CPU to me. The reason I say this is because the chip is built on a 45nm process, it includes SSE4.1 which the E6*** series didn't and it also has 3MB L3 Cache per core like wolfdale does as apposed to the 2MB on the conroe CPU. Even the Q1 08 release date makes it seem like a wolfdale CPU.


Just curious and open to discussion :)

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

We were discussing this last night. I have to agree with you. To me, it is a Wolfdale architecture. That just makes the most sense to me. It all makes sense from the cache being 3MB (one of two cores on a Wolfy at 6MB cache with 3MB per core) and the FSB is 333MHz which again matches.


Edit: also found this: "The Xeon L3014 and E3113 processors are Wolfdale-CL with product code 80588, in an LGA 771 package."

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