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TheMadDutchDude - Radeon HD 5850 @ 1100/1300MHz - 1117.26 DX11 Marks Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset


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Guest TheMadDutchDude

Well, I have use of my Haswell rig until the end of the month or possibly the end of next month so I figured I'd better make use of the gear I have.


Obscure is correct, the vGPU was at 1.55 - 1.6 volts but I think it's cracked a choke as I can make it magically rise to 1.8 volts, without any mod installed, before it shuts off by letting it idle in Windows or even in the BIOS. It was fun whilst it lasted. I'm going to sell my other 5850 (same card) and get a proper brand like an ASUS DirectCU II one or something to finish the remainder of the benchmarks.


The vDroop on these cards is insane. I can idle at 1.5 volts, it will shoot up to 1.6 volts under load and fall as low as 1.32 volts when it feels like it. The amount of ball ache it caused trying to get it to go through Heaven, especially test 26, was a nightmare. :D

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