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Low nature output with 3D03


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lo lads,


was doing some SLI tests with Nvidia 33 series driver. Got good all round performance in Vantage, 3D11 and the legacy 3D01-05-06 en AM3.


Only scores that were too low are 3D03 ( all GT scores fab , just nature score sucks bananas ) and the Heavens are also craptastic.


With both the GTX cards running at 100MHz higher I can't even come close to the other Nature output, missing 250fps.

Weird thing is the nature score doesn't scale at all with OC, stock GPU 1000MHz versus 1300Mhz, results in about 1195fps to 1225fps. I need to get at least 1350fps in Nature to reach 190K


Played with LOD (1-15), D3D Overrider, though the gains are minimalistic and I need a big boost... from some unknown source...





2 x 770GTX

Nvidia drivers from 331.40 to the latest version tried

Win7 Pro 64bit


Is it some driver setting in Inspector that can provide this boost ? Same accounts for the heaven score which are just way too low :(


thanks for any input

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did ya do a run with nothing changed in the driver.so dont set to performance just leave everything auto after install.


and for me 03 is only bench where setting bclk to 100 is better then higher (all other benches are ok)

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