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ES results?


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Guest GoriLLakoS

But when the ES items will be out...everything will be the same for everyone.


And if hwbot crew decides that they are not allowed, hwbot crew must delete half of the results..:P



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Having world records with ES is a very tricky bussines.....You get a good York, take it over 5.7, get a sub 8 Spi and you are king of the world. And probably 3 months later you are way down in the ranks when the really good chips come out and guys start getting >6Ghz.....better DDR3 2000 Ram....faster boards and stuff like that. So, if you think about it like that, benching ES shows that you are an important person or a person which has good conections and passion. Relatetd to HWB points it's kindda useless, don't you think? I am laughing right now when I remeber how we were all stunned with the results the big guys got with ES's 6600/6700/X6800 and we couldn't believe our eyes... A few weeks later the L628B's were out on the market and a few more weeks later the L631B's were out on the market too, and that was the real WR material :) So...probbably that benching on ES is not a really big deal after all if we are talking about comparisons and HWB points. It just shows that Fugger or Shamino or Hipro are really apreciated by the industry and that overclocking and overclockers are becoming more and more important, and that is a good thing :)

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@Monstru: ES scores posted at the HWBot should not be disallowed, sure there is a possibility the person will get a high ranking score for a few weeks, but at same time you know what to expect from the new hardware; win/win situation:)


@Bazx: local buy/sell forums.




i see none can you link me

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