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Lightning 290x Benching

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First of all im not a 3d bencher haha :P but im fairly methodical in my testing so here maybe can be a place to share some tweaks.


Special thanks to MikeCDM, ViVi, and PepinorangOC for their input help and counter points.


Step 1 get the XTX.t05 BIOS its the best imho, the .t02 seem to have some trouble for me.


Step 2 get a hot air / lower power heatgun




You need to aim it at that lower mem IC, it gets the coldest being not only closest to the core but all by itself and away from the vrm heat. Around -90c this is the only IC that I see getting frost on it


I use this digital heater for eyeglasses but im sure there are plenty of other options




The frost king is sealed to the back of the card but also sponges up some of the heat.


Here is the idle mem temp at -80c







Runs just as good as air cooling memory :) Tried 2 other sessions without heating that IC and after about 35-40 minutes at -100c it will fail running stock speed. This way I benched 2hours and 30 minutes without issue.



I know some people bench -150c without issues but if you cant like me this helped me out alot.

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