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Every day I receive threats of a racist community member


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Every day I receive a racist threats mienbro community,


and decided to make it public for people to see who he is.


In this community we are all equal and we get along, I think it is the best community in the world.


I have many friends in this community,


Things that are kind send me


Gypsies soys bunnyextraction says they do not want Romanians or gypsies or French,


He says the best are the Catalan.


I'll put some catching less offensive.


[img/]http://img902.imageshack.us/img902/1299/x8IYH2.jpgp><p><a href=http://img902.imageshack.us/img902/1299/x8IYH2.jpg' alt='x8IYH2.jpg'>


I think we should give this man a chance,


but then would have to ban them for life for people in the community see that there razistas overclocking.


This man is XEVIPIU A Razista of the biggest in Spain



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First of all HWBot is a neutral community open for all people no matter what kind of political or religious background they have. This also implies that we do not want to see any kind of political or religious discussions on hwbot. Just to make sure everybody feels comfortable and welcome in our community without any exceptions.


We also don't accept any kind of racist behavior. I sent out a warning to XEVIPIU and hope it will stop now. Please feel free to contact me if you experience any other issues like that.

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