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ryofatal1ty I was looking at your verification screenshot for the HWBOT prime mark and I noticed you only had one cpu-z window with your mobo info on it. In future I suggest you get screenshots with 3 cpu-z windows open with one on cpu, one on mainboard and one on memory as not doing this may result in a blocked submission.

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I'm developing a platform where a system compresses and expands coolant in sort of the same way a refrigerator works. I have designed it so it can be mounted directly on the heatsink under the fan or before the intake fans of the case after being filtered through a package that strips air of its humidity. I was wondering if this would still be considered air cooling?


Also I was thinking of experimenting with the same two systems except instead of refrigeration cooling, I am going to use a sealed endothermic reaction between two chemicals, hint: one of them is water ;). Is this also technically air cooling?

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