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(FS)G.Skill PIS /OCZ Blade/ 3770K/ 3258K/ Exceleram2000c7


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listed items are on sale, all is tested and working


2133blade2000c61v9qbk.jpg 2133blade2000c615gaj96.jpg




1. Intel Core I7 3770K boxed


Very strong cpu, 1,28v 2/2 and 1,31v 4/8 5GHz 32m air on M5F without optimized settings on other voltages, 2933 IMC, 2800C9 tight with Samsungs was easy on Formula V. My best 3770K, non delidded, decided to sell because I have second one that does worse on air but is enough for gaming. Batch 3231B, in box, fan included but for international shipping it is cheaper to leave the boxed cooler out.

2133blade2000c66n0s7x.jpg 2133blade2000c67zlzi1.jpg


2. Intel PentiumK G3258 boxed


My first PentiumK, used for long time for testing and mem-binning, 4,8ghz wprime 1024 ~1,35v, 2740 tight on PSC, very solid IMC. In box with fan, but on international shipping it is cheaper to leave boxed cooler out. Batch 3418



3. Intel PentiumK G3258 boxed


Only tested for IMC which is good, on core I think the cpu is average. In box with fan, but on international shipping it is cheaper to leave boxed cooler out. Batch 3422


2133blade2000c63q2ui3.jpg 2133blade2000c62wrula.jpg




4. 3x2GB OCZ Blade 2133C9


Excellent Hyper-Kit, I owned this since Sandy bridge days and these were best Hypers I ever had, work flawless on 1155 and 1150, 2000 7-7-6-20 below 1,6v on all platforms, 2200c7 around 1,72v on SB, also tested for 2400+ 8-8-8-24 on Ivy for example. Best of brand Hypers, only let these go because benching has no priority for me anymore

2133blade2000c688vznw.jpg blade21331208c832m173slimb.jpg


5. 2x2GB G.Skill PIS 2000 C6-9-6-24


Very solid kit, even for the high bin this is way above average performer. Tested on three platforms, on z77 2000 6-9-6 below 1,6v, z87 2400 8-11-7-28 1,63v and 2666 8-12-8-28 twcl6 tight 1,86v, also easy 2667 on z97 Asus. SN 10061040, ends on 7339/40, in original box with unused Fan.


2133blade2000c610ybzmu.jpg 1006391333186vtight4-ced9w.jpg 1200c8-11-7-281.63v3rcgy.jpg



6. 2x2GB G.Skill PIS 2000 C6-9-6-24



Direct sister kit to #5, 10061040, ends on 7341/42, and even stronger. Also tested on three plaforms, 1,56v 2000c6 z77 for specs, 2400 8-11-7-28 1,61v on z87 and 2670 8-12-8-28 twcl6 extreme settings 1,85v on Asus Z97. I sell this and kit above because I have worse 2000c6 which are good enough for tests if I might need it, but without benching these two offered kits perform much too good to rot in drawer unused by me. In oriiginal box with fan

2133blade2000c61484kks.jpg 2000c61006411335c8185jls9e.jpg 1006411001c6156v32mq6p4k.jpg


7. 2x2GB Exceleram VX 2000 7-10-9-24


X-PSC, bought because of curiousity a while ago, kit runs uneven, one stick 2400 8-11-8-28 1,65v, second one is worse, which results in 2400 8-12-9-28 1,7v 32m on z87. Used for 24/7 afterwards, and because of strength of one stick as supposed backup, but no need for this anymore. Bulk






Prices in Euros, without shipping cost

1. 240 Euros sold, shipped

2. 55 Euros sold, shipped

3. 45 Euros sold, shipped

4. 130 Euros sold, shipped

5. 170 Euros sold and shipped

6. 185 Euros sold and shipped

7. 35 Euros


The items offered are located in Berlin, germany. If you have questions and need screens, feel free to ask, I included a couple of results because I got feedback lately that especially people selling average stuff had doubts about my results - for these, simple advice, buy better mems and cpus and learn how to use these, maybe you will get solid results as well :). Shipping will cost from 6Euros up to 15Euros, depending on region and insurance value as well as weight, with deutsche Post, please ask if you are unsure about this. Payment with paypal or western union


Best regards




Disclaimer: Private sale, no returns, I also rule out guarantee or warranty provided by me, the cpus and mems sold here were not physiaclly manipulated (delidded for example) and have valid warranty stickers though, I think manufacturer would appreciate this in case you have an accident^^

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Did short tests recently, 5ghz 01 1,3v (2/2), 5ghz 03 and 05 no problem as well, iirc I also did 05 at 5,1ghz and 5ghz 06, but it is summer and I am on mediocre air cooler - max I used on cpu for test was 1,4v and I didn´t bother to optimize


Edit I found some of the screens, voltage was not minimized as said, at the moment I do not bench which is why I sell most of my hardware

1950xtx05lowm3c8t.jpg 1950xtx03low2tp8l.jpg



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