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skulstation - Pentium G3258 @ 3107.6MHz - 2967.51 pps HWBOT Prime


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Trick is to find a setting which gives .X5 numbers close to target score, like 2960,75 or 2970,45 - for me 102,3 x22 and then fine-adjust with XTU (afterwards close XTU because it takes 20 points from score) did the job. I could do the score within 5-10 minutes that way even after reboot.


Some Bclock like 102,38 upwards to 102,8 or so will always be .x1 or .x2 or .x4 - so you never can match the score.

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i did try it whit xtu but never closed it.and the score was always close like .x4 belowe or above to the furst run after apply the settings .and some ar abit more off like 1.xx a and even some ware 10.xx above or below.

and than this score poped up agen and i hit save an be happy whit it

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