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A little OCF humor to brighten your day :P


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Someone forgot to adjust the awesome scale before trying that. Saying thats awesome feels... inadequate....




P.S...... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA It is almost Halloween after all


The whole thing started off as a forum joke after seeing people benching RAM with a tin foil "pot" full of DICE. Then it slowly progressed into "Hey, i wonder if that's even possible?"


At that point I had to try it...actually I'm quite surprised it worked well enough to frost the card over. Who knew, lol. My awesome scale has been broke for some time now ;)


The teaser in the forum reads like this...

In the never ending quest for a few more MHz of power that any self respecting overclocker is constantly seeking, this question always comes up. How can I get this piece of hardware colder? As we all know, heat is normally the enemy of speed in our little world, and overclockers have dreamed up brilliant and sophisticated ways to keep their hardware colder. This is not one of them.
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Not amazing, but amusing :) Try with more volt, I ran my sapphire 4550 1150 core @ 1.8 vgpu on a crappy tec hehe


Yea, wasn't really about getting high clocks out of a 4550, lol, more about whether or not this would work. If I'm going to take my time to volt mod something it's gonna be my 480s. :)

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