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PLEASE tell my WHY should I be once more the "bad guy"...?

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@ Polonos: You are into Outofspecs.gr forums right?....

WHY don't you delete EITHER Unseen's CPU related scores OR Doom's CPU related scores which have been done WITH THE EXACT SAME ES CPU?.... :cool:


WHY MUST I always be the "bad guy" in your eyes and NOT YOU fix it BEFORE anything?.....


NO, I'm NOT sending any PMs or e-mails...... I will ALWAYS talk in PUBLIC.... PERIOD..... :rolleyes:

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You still want to continue this H.O.T vs Outofspecs.gr fight? Why do you come here? That ES cpu thing is in the past now like everyone should know.


Don't start this again please! You guys should solve this problem in some other way if possible.


P.S O polonos can't do decision on his own, so don't blame him.

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Good morning George :)

Yes im moderator but i cant be in everyone houses to see what going.

Yes im in OOS team and im proud of it...

Yes if im gonna see the CPU are the same im gonna block theese scores by my own.

From threads like this dont gonna be nothing good i think.

If you see something suspicius you can report it and crew team gonna be investigate it.

I cant underastand why you attack OOS team so much ...

Please dont start this war over and over again we dont gonna continue it :)

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because I see that hwbot doesn't care any more about this......


As I don't have the ability to call anyone when a suspicious entry was reported, it takes a while to get in contact.


Unseen has send me pictures of the cpu's that were used by him and Doom and I saw two different ES samples. Furthermore, Unseen's cpu was send to him by a PC Magazine whereas Doom's was used in the Multirama bench session.

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Yes sure....... :rolleyes:

Multirama's ES CPU was given at DECEMBER while Unseen's and Doom's CPU related scores were done on 22 and 24 of NOVEMBER.....


SO we started telling LIES now?....... :(


NO FAIR competition to other teams if we LIE like that.....Sorry...... :(

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I'll check again ... lol


Event in the beginning of December, might be possible Doom recieved his cpu two weeks before the event, though



Michal (the guy of the Multirama) gave them his ES CPU the days of the event..... :)


Guys ;)


Remember benching is about having fun, lets all try to remember that. If it's no fun anymore it might be good to step back for a minute and look things over.


Yes you're right.....I'll step back..... :(

.....it's just that I don't like the "unfair" part of it...... :(

Why the "Team Finland" (for example) couldn't be at outofspec's place?.....

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Sorry, Hipro, but I have the feeling that you're seeing HWBot as something to play around with whenever you feel like. The Greek community is so fucked up that every little disagreement is seen like it's a huge fight and I'm not willing to be a part of this fight.


You want to battle OOS? Do it in your local forums.

You want OOS to join your team? Create a new Greek team (GP&F OC-team?) and let everyone do what they want to do.

You want to battle OCX? Bench low-end GPU's and get hardware points which are added to you team's total.


We recieve about 50 reports a day and the only reports of Greek results are done by Greek benchers ... that's fucked up man. And the strange thing is ... most Greeks I talked with are fed up with this situation and want things to be solved asap.


And now I am going to relax as this is once again sucks all the energy out of me.




Okay, having looked around in both OOS and HOT's scores it struck me that not everyone is as honest as they say.

Look, I'm one of the most friendly guys in the crew. If it wasn't for my need to talk to people, most of these scores would already been blocked. Now I realised that certain people play with my feet to screw around on HWBot, so I'm going for less talking more doing. I ALWAYS give EVERY user the possibility to come clean and admit that he made a mistake. If a person is not willing to admit a mistake, I won't care about status/influence or anything else anymore. I want that all the effort I put in this to be for the people who are honest and just want to have fun benching, all the guys who are here to abuse HWBot are not welcome.


So, it's up to you. Who's willing to be honest, who's willing to play a fair game, who's willing to work on a healthy HWBot? Those who do not want to participate, PM me and you won't have to come again ;)

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OK.....My final words and I won't bother any more.....


LET'S forget that I'm a user of H.O.T......

LET'S forget that they are users of OOS.....


NOW.....I'm a user from a team.....right?......and my question is why two users from a team benched with the SAME ES CPU and hwbot have done nothing till now?....

Is hwbot following the rules of hwbot (if any about this till now) or not?.....simple question.....forget that I'm who I am and teams.....


P.S. I won't bother any more with hwbot rules or with OOS....You will not hear from me any more....



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