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Arise - Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AC v3 2457MHz @ 3033MHz - 3984 pps HWBOT Prime


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I'm a little bit reluctant to try and test benching in low temperature environments.


I'm just curious how you are cooling your phone, I've studied the LG G3 Disassembly Teardown guides available on the internet and it seems that the tiny Qualcomm CPU is actually beneath the motherboard directly under display. So what exactly are you cooling in your screenshots, looks to me you have some frosting on your battery.

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Some time ago on hd7970 we used spacer between gpu and gpu pot, was a small piece of copper, I have that spacer mounted somehow on cpu and I am cooling the other part of motherboard using one more spacer, ss mounted on the second spacer, so basically I am cooling whole the board but cpu more than other parts because the copper spacer, this method works max for 10 minutes then I have shutdown.

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I'm looking at this website:



As you open the phone, the first on the board can be seen the storage NAND memory:

(Orange) Toshiba THGBMBG8D4KBAIR 32 GB on-board NAND flash memory



Then if we flip the board we can see the big chip in the center:

(Orange) SK Hynix 2GB/3GB LPDDR3 RAM layered on the 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor.




So are you saying your are cooling with the copper shim the 32 GB on-board NAND and the cold passes through it and cools the GPU on the other side of the board?


Can't understand your explanation... :(

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root@bacon:/ # cat /proc/last_kmsg | grep bin: -i
[    1.037692] clock-krait-8974 f9016000.qcom,clock-krait: Speed bin: 3
[    1.037849] clock-krait-8974 f9016000.qcom,clock-krait: PVS bin: 7


About voltages can't really say, I'm still experimenting, but 1.2V are the defaults @3033MHz.

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