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  1. 3800/1900 is a dream under ln2 Not easy to find cb free when high fukclock
  2. Not easy making this guy happy seems we are done See you in final with 2 surprises
  3. for 32m there is no limitation for OS use XP if you can online BIOS Is allowed special or not need to be online with download link. we don't call this ES because its online open to all and this will help OCer to push last minute. for Live comp BIOS need to be posted before May 15 Good Luck everyone , Comp will start tomorrow keep pushing and have fun Hiwa
  4. thats not easy because a sample can be also a sample for review then can be used for OC and conpetitions etc. and as you said is possible to flash SPD easily. we tried to avoid a lot of problems, we start planning from January and choose best possible combination. we always hope and ask to play fair. Hiwa
  5. Not only ... I just wait es guys post and block them haha they are few things to see maybe smd.... I really hope guys play fair .... if bench es then show retail pcb we cant do anything Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. i try to be as clear as possible you got a sample from G.SKILL 2 months ago? it wasn't in the market ? now you can find it in retail market? PCB is ES ? (you know if its ES if you look at it) ITS NOT ALLOWED you can't use a special bin gskill made for some event for you because you are hard bencher. its not fair. use your retail sample or the one you bought we DON'T ask for invoice but need to be 100% RETAIL. this is same as using a 7350K ES no difference. please if you have any question use this forum so everyone can see, we can't ship any extra samples till end of live we can't give you tips how to bench 32m, we can't tell you where to buy cpu or memory thanks Hiwa
  7. only 6 guys got ES PCB, now all those are retail with retail PCB, and all of ES PCB has something the retail doesn't even with HS mounted. by the way those 6 kits are very bad comparing to new B-Die batch and had different SPD to much work to cheat
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