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  1. Multiple restarts usually solves the SPI performance in my case
  2. The best LLC setting for me is Level 1: 1.35v set in BIOS you have 1.35v in IDLE and 1.37v in LOAD. BCLK is linked to PCI-Express clock Elmor, any change in seeing OC Panel 1 firmware soon?
  3. Tried many DDR4 kits and the conclusion is: anything else than single-sided B-die is a big fail on Ryzen. I guess the IMC is setting things really tight and the B-dies are the only IC that can handle that. Maybe Elmor could confirm?
  4. Could you please run Anvil Pro in loop 3-4 times and see if you have any BSOD / lock-ups? I tried M.2 slot and PCIe slot 2 with adapter, swap SSD's, memory, etc. I have random crashes in 4K high-QD workloads... P.S: SSDs tested are Toshiba OCZ RD400 and Apacer Z280 with Phison controller. Everybody is testing with Samsung NVMe so I don't know if it's a SSD compatibility problem or CPU / MB issue!
  5. The 1001 is really great but I have some problems with NVMe SSD: I have crashes with any 4K workload with QD > 8. Secvential and 4K QD < 8 work fine.... is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks, matose
  6. I'll be there also from 31st May in the morning to 6 June. Open for beer and OC invitations
  7. It's a powerhouse.... hahaha Too bad you have to change the VRM to truly shine on LN2
  8. I don't agree with SI disabled so I don't use that, sorry You can do it also with CPU-Z / GPU-Z on wallpaper as explained before...
  9. He is not the only one with blocked scores, I also have 2 blocked and many others... Splave, al the details regarding HW configuration is in the wrapper file and also on the screen in the wrapper window... so your scenario is wrong in this case
  10. Complicating things too much usually drives people away. The PR benching already started doing that, continuing with rules that benefit only some people, etc! Keep up the good work HWBot, you're on the "right" path...
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