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WTB : High End X58 board and P55 board


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about th p55's: U might wanna check how sata600 is generated.. some board use pci-e 2.0 lanes for it so ur gonna loose gpu bandwith and some use 4 pci-1.1 lanes and make 2 pci-e 2.0 (plx chips)

The UD7 has got the nf200 chip if i am not mistaken.. I dont know how many videocards have problems with this chip but i know the R9 290 (x) does.

U also might wanna have a look at the MSI P55-GD85

I also migh add that 3d benchmarking with first gen core i7/i5 is kinda useless. Cpu benching is a different story.. with latest gen fast ddr3 combined with latest videocards u might be able to score in pc mark bechmarks and memory intensive cpu benchmarks.

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Why bother with 3d with suck old cpus? Only reason is that i have some 1156 cpus that i want to test...Simple as that.

Why have nf200 mobo's then, for pc mark benching i can understand the sata600 part.. i do think for just testing cpu's there are lots more mobo's that will do the job just as good and a lot cheaper.. but it is ur choice.

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