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Its just that i lost the flame..


Everything is restricted and voltage locked..


And always when i benchmark a GFX card today the voltage limit sets the limit, not me. And how fun is that?


And spending hours after hours just to find a way to unlock the cards, no sir..


I like benchmarking, not software manipulation, or endlessly browsing the web for backdoor information


So i feel that i cant go any further, its many members just like myself that turned to CPU benchmarking due to this, and eventually stopped benchmarking.. Flame gone, slipped


If i speak for myself> Why should i benchmark a card for, when i cant max them out, Waste of time if you ask me..


The voltage restrictions sets the score, not me..........


So no more waste of time, or money. leaving this behind me now


The first years was different (didnt reach that high in OC), but after a couple of years, when i started with extreme cooling, everything got uphill, just because of the above..


There you have it, lock, stock and barrel... its a dead run

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That's a pity, but I understand your feeling. Sometimes it takes miracles to get around limitations. But sometimes everything is possible with retail gear though. For example, Steponz's GTX 980 is a retail card.


Nevertheless I wish you the best of luck with your other hobbies :)

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2015-03-12 > I asked for help with removing my account, since the "kill account" feature dont seem to work..

I have asked several times at hwbot/facebook also for my account to be removed


2015-03-30> My account is still very active (apparently), and i am still in the league ranks??


Didnt i make myself clear?

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