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[FS]2x Asus GTX 285 Matrix[EU]


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I'm selling these 2 cards because I don't have the time to bench them. Too busy with benching other hardware currently.


I've only benched 1 of them on air properly and was able to get about 740MHz out of it.

They're in good condition and I refreshed the coolingpaste with some MX4. 1400MHz mem is no problem for both of them.


I accept PayPal and will ship them accross Europe.


150 Euro(included shipping) for the both of them.




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You didn't push them too hard :D . I have also 2 of these beauties and both can do 800/1500 on air(not cold) .

Nice and hf for the new owner :).


Accelero Extreme II /zip ties/Mx-4 + Sunon 4000 rpm@120x25mm+Delta 92x38 @6000 rpm

Ambient : 25 grade

Stock/oc: 663/1476/1242 <=>800/1700/1500

Voltage stock/oc: vgpu=1.16v // 1.3v



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