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Rbuass - GeForce GTX Titan X @ 2050/2030MHz - 31726 marks 3DMark11 - Performance


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Hey Ronaldo, I'm not sure if you've done some of the steps to get higher uncore but here goes (for you and anyone reading)


First up, switch from 2011 to 2083 pins (there is a switch near 24pin connector to the left)


Second, you will know the switch is on when you find VL voltage in bios. You have to set VL4,5 and 6 to reach higher uncore and also RAM clocks.


Start with

VL4 1.45

VL5 1.45

VL6 1.45


VL4 and 5 help memory clocks and you can bump them up to about 1.55v depending on the CPU


VL6 is dependent on the CPU and temperature. I suggest you to test what VL6 your CPU can take first so cool down the chip to -50C and start setting 1.45 first and then 1.48, 1.5 and then go in smaller increments (1.51, 1.52 ETC). At some point your chip won't like VL6 and will throw an error like B0 so clear cmos load profile and step it up again up until max bootable value. Then you can set higher uncore multi and either boot straight with high uncore or apply it in OS (if you are booting with low uncore multi, make sure you step up in a few steps to final value rather than try set highest stable uncore right away as it will not like it for a lot of CPUs)


For high uncore you also need to set VRING voltage as well. Test up to 1.5v (actually try higher as well as some chips can respond to more)

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We have tryed VL4 1.55, VL5 1.45, and VL6 1.45... and even a bit more, but ran unstable and cannot go to the end. Looks for that CPU don't like too much uncore.

The only missing think is to increase more the VL6, .... way to go

Thanks for kindly information.

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