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Please tell me if it's correct to post here or we are supposed to post in the oc crime center main forum.


Anyway, I'm here to bring the attention on a user addicted to photoshop: that user is Liquid_Cooling.


That guy was banned for one year, we're talking roughly about summer 2009.


Then he went in the "Team HWForest" and in May 2010 we reported them here: http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=7484


The Team was banned, but not his personal account so, this summer 2010 the personal ban lifted and he was able to post submissions.


Yesterday, 29th Nov, he posted this screenshot: http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1084634_liquid_cooling_wprime_32m_core_i7_860_5sec_107ms


Take a look at these two things:

1- Look at the result for wprime... "5.xxx". As you can see the number "5" is bigger than the rest.

2- Look at cpuz: how can it be that an overclocker can achieve 5.107s with an 860 at roughly 4.7ghz with 4c/4t and not 4c/8t as all the other guys in the rankings with that cpu?!


So, speaking to the mods, this guy did THREE times the same thing: photoshop... time to give him a lifetime ban?



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