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The official Rookie Rumble #20 thread.


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Plz make sure for HWBOT prime, no runs on Windows 8 or later due to RTC bug.


For the score validation: make sure the needed CPU tabs are opened in the screenshot. A tip for HWBOT prime: move the save window around first than press the save button. This will make sure the HWBOT prime score is visible in the screenshot.


Keep on pushing it!

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Can someone please clarify the Windows 8 exclusion please. Slightly misleading as the links to the rules are wrong. HWBOT verification rules point to xtu rules and GPUPI rules point to MaxxMem regs. Took me a few to notice this. Please fix, Thanks! Salud

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Small note: from this round forward it's no longer allowed to use Xeon CPUs in the Rookie Rumble. Also, we will be checking for double accounts more closely.
It would be awesome if this was updated in the rules sooner rather than later. If it was already done, thanks!
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Can someone please let me know how to get a screenshot of my HWBOT Prime Benchmark so my submission doesn't get rejected again? When I press the save button, it saves a file to my desktop, but it's not a screenshot. Actually, I have no idea what kind of file it is.

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