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Please add GT 220 DDR3


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Sometimes on cheapo GeForce 210 cards are used DDR2 memory. Mine have it. And I'm quite sure that GDDR3 would bench better, because I get only 31 465 marks in 3DMark 99 at 760/650MHz, while another fella got 54 490 marks in 3DMark 99 at only 705/485Mhz with same DDR2 videorams.


But in mine ones, the GPU-Z says "DDR2 (Samsung)", while his card show only "DDR2."

Sadly it seems that his card run at PCIE x16, while mine suxx at PCIE x8 speed:

JOGIBAER_3_DMark_99_score.jpg trodas_3_DMark99_score.png


And yep, I noticed that he got 4.5GHz i7 (while I get suxxking 3.78GHz i5), witch is why he won so easily.

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