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ludek - K6-2 500MHz @ 733.9MHz - 733.87 mhz CPU Frequency


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Hi my friend

Great result! This Soltek is very good. I have one similar board SL-56-G5 but I don't know if is good or not. Did you have done vmods?

133mhz are impressive, it has only 512kb?

PS: Some months ago I tried to create an account on your forum but I don't know polish language is possible to set English language?

Cheers Claudio

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Yes your motherboard should be good. Yours has 512 kB cache (SL56G1 has 1 MB and SL56G2 has 2 MB). I had to turn off both caches to be able to reach this speed. No vcore mod.


No english on that forum, sorry.



For vmod I was talking about 3,3volt mod

Have you done it?

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The most funny thing is that I have two AMD K6-2 500. I was testing zombie mod + gigabyte Ga-5AX and... I had to choose a processor to the first try. Sadly I forgot that this platform has 2 voltages or something and I connected "zombie-leads" to wrong legs of wrong caps caps. One of CPUs burned*. The score is done on the survivor :) It's a bit of luck I think.


Gigabyte GA-5AX has problems with CPU-z validations. CPUZ.ini settings not giving much. Older versions working fine. Could anyone tell me what to do if I want to use GA-5AX mobo?

Soltek (via chipset) validates fine.


*lots of ampers, no smoke, but... just this smell... you will never forget :D

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