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PCMark Vantage how to fit the CPU-Z there

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PCMark Vantage have a *VERY* large output window and what is even worser, the important information is on the right corner...


Having shortage of monitors, I tried the old CRT Eizo F35 Flexscan and that gives acceptable readability only in 1024x768 output. (I used it on Amiga from 1997 and I used it in 800x600, witch is best for 15' monitor)



Mr.Scott wrongly flagged my score with PCMark Vantage as "invalid", because it allegedly miss the CPU-Z screen(s?). The score in question is there:




And it is now marked as "deleted or blocked", even that it clearly (right top and bottom corner, see?) feature the CPU-Z screen Mr.Scott was *WRONGLY* complained about.


It did not stop him, that I:

- explained it

- included right from the beginning the link to CPU-Z validation witch provide all the need informations

- included right from the beginning the link to the saved scorefile from PCMark Vantage


Today question:

Is this rightfully delated or blocked, when I clearly did not have where to fit the screen and yet I tried my best?



Future question:

How to submit a PCMark Vantage score that will not cause complaints? Is this better way?



Where could I fit the windows and what it important to be visible, when the windows are partialy covered thx to limited resolution?


I made a little video that show the problem with given resolution IMHO clearly:




So, all what Mr.Scott says that "I should work on the screenshot", w/o providing any clue, on how can I cram so much windows into the relatively small resolution :(

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Just send a message to Geniben. He can do your screenshots for you too..........while he creates your data files that you can't seem to upload either. Then he can spend the rest of his time with Ney putting up all your pretty pictures. Honest to god, when will it end. :P

EDIT- I'm sure you'll find a problem with this post also. You're a professional critic. :P:p

Edited by Mr.Scott
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At some point there is a lower limit to the resolution that is acceptable. If you can't fit everything you need to validate the screenshot in the resolution, it's time to use a larger resolution screen. You were originally missing the memory tab making your screenshot invalid. No point in blaming this on anyone else when you were the one left out the required tab.


Including a CPU-Z valid doesn't make you exempt from this requirement because the validation could have been taken at any time. It does not show that the benchmark was run at the claimed speeds.

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Yeah, that's what I sad about cpuz validation in some of the other threads.


You still have some "free" space on your screenshot (according to the rules).

You can move your gpu-z up and place the mem cpuz beneath, then rearrange other windows. You would even have place for another cpuz.

But the best thing really is to replace that old monitor. It's not even good for your eyes.

I can't stand my old 17" CRT at 100Hz refresh rate, don't know about you...



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Yes,true. With this "just for score" run, there are places you marked right that can be used. But that is what what happend in the first case:



There are actually these places full of info that I wanted to preserve... Because it is funny, how 6800 GT is slower in this test that R 9600 XT by about 300 marks...

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