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kotori - K6-2+ 550MHz @ 700MHz - 8min 12sec 990ms PiFast


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For some platforms/tasks XP is better, for some - 2000. It depends.

As you can see in the pifast charts, there are better scores at lower frequencies, but using XP.

So it's either that or something else like wrong registers settings/bios/board/whatever.


IMO, worth trying XP.


By faster, I meant the score should be much better at these frequencies (700MHz CPU, 140 FSB/DRAM).


BTW, why do you think XP can't be optimized? :P

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@I.nfraR.ed-san: Yes tried XP but 2k little faster than xp in my set up, i chose 2k for only Aquamark2.1, this pifast run too slow, it's regardless of OS, I don't know what's wrong, and my SCSI card(very old) unstable in XP.

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Ok, so something else is wrong. Maybe external cache.

I don't have much experience with this platform and I only have the Gigabyte board.

Will try soon with my K6-2+ 550MHz, but not going to beat my previous score on LN2, I'm sure.


Strunkenbold has the best efficiency and that's the score we should aim at.

I'm not even sure how good is my score, need to test at 700MHz to see where I am in terms of efficiency.

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  • Crew

Last time I tried an Aladdin board results where painfully slow. Dont know why even register tweaked, results were awful.

There is no secret about my results: 120Mhz FSB L2 & L3 enabled and because of 128mb Ram they should run in Writeback mode.


Im yet to find a board which can run 140Mhz, maybe its faster than without cache.

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I.nfraR.ed -

BTW, why do you think XP can't be optimized?


I never say that, but I write that, because I never seen sucesfull XP optimizing. The best times on SuperPi I get was when they are right after the install state. Each "optimizing" only slow things down. There is about 25+ services, that can be stoped/disabled/killed for good, but all it does is to reduce the number of processes and the number of eated memory. But it always make the XP slower for SuperPi.

No idea why, but to me it seems that XP leaved unoptimized and taken right after they being installed is best for SuperPi results.


In theory, for example, the disabling of the WFP should be helpfull, but it is not. Disabling the annoing security service should also help, but it does not. And we can go on and on and on...


But since I'm beginner, I gladly take some lessons for effectivive WinXP optimizing and I will gladly admit that I'm wrong, when the results come to prove it.



I did not see priority settings and ending the explorer process as optimizing Windows... Maybe wazza can help there a bit?



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Kojima45 - 2MB external cache? If working correctly, that should give you nice boost. Mine Asus TXP4-X Socket 7 board feature two chips with 512kBy L2 total, but it seems to be flakey. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. It is at least weird... :( Gotta look at this...



I.nfraR.ed - I believe that I'm quite good in Win2k/XP optimizing. In fact, I take pride how well I can optimize these systems. I gut everything I can, disable everything possible, etc. However much to my surprise, the more I optimize, the slower SuperPi times get...!

So, let's take recent example I made just for you: Asus TXP4-X Socket 7 mobo. Windows XP SP1.0a (no nLite). After install, it consume over 60MB of ram and at iddle, a 112.5MHz P90 is loaded at 9% with just opened taskman.

Fresh install give SuperPi time 17min 43sec: http://hwbot.org/submission/2962671_

After thorough optimalization SuperPi 1M time is 19min 0sec: http://hwbot.org/submission/2963677_


And I slashed the used memory to 29MB and the CPU load with opened taskman to 7%, disabling everything I can. Previously I have records near 41MB (PCchips M810LR: http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/4369/taskmanagertestzz9.gif - SiS 730 ), but on this Socket 7 mainboard can Win be optimized REALLY well.

But it have adverse effect on the speed, witch is IMHO very weird, but I consistently get such results.


What I did wrong?




TerraRaptor -

Switch to different XP build. Sometimes even msdn .iso are different for me.


Hopefully you can be more specific, pretty please with suggar on top? Sure I can take a eng version of WinXP. Sure I can take them w/o any servicepack... but I fear that the result will be the same. After optimizing - less SuperPi performance. Or can you help me out, suggest good build(s) or something like that, perhaps by PM when need?

Thank you for every tips!

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