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  1. Thanks TASOS-san fun comp! congrat to you and Hellas Overclocking team!
  2. Pete-san Tom-san Tasos-san thanks!! In reference https://web.archive.org/web/20060524000035/http://web01.fureai.or.jp:80/~hirobo/english/over_clockers_tool/pll/turbo_pll_01.html
  3. Thanks Paco-san Griff-san, 150 fsb is will be impossible this time, One year ago, fsb upper limit changed in cpu multi, but this time it does not work.
  4. Thank you Griff-san nice you too! about 462 Slot A converter, have you made progress? It looks pretty hard work.
  5. Awesome job GRIFF-san! I hope for your work success.
  6. Kotori

    Please add HW

    Thank you Alex-san, Multi upper limit is x7, BIOS didn't boot at 7.5 and higher (can choose x12 in bios), lower limit is depends on mother board, for example TUSL2-C is x5.5, ST6-E is X4. It's the same as the Tualatin QS chips I have, the multiplier upper limit is locked.
  7. Kotori

    Please add HW

    Hello, Please add CPU Socket 370 Pentium III EB 933Mhz (Tualatin) (ES) Access denied https://valid.x86.fr/drf9e4 Thank you
  8. USB will not work at 16mhz crystal but PS2 is no probrem, in my case, I'm restoring to 14.318mhz only when use USB memory, would be convenient to attach a socket between board and crystal.
  9. Zafiropo-san and Stelaras-san thank you for answering, i saw Zafi-san's post in my sub. In the case of a single CPU I think wprime and hwbot prime is not so much affecting RAM clock and latency, pi and paifast will make a difference. If dual cups, difficult runs 180mhz FSB in 440BX chip. About External PLL mod, If P3C-D can fine-tune FSB(1mhz step) on bios or setfsb, necessarily don't need a external controller, need only 14.138mhz crystal for real time clock and 16mhz or higher crystal and some resistor.
  10. Quick to find! I'll try soon this super bypass enabler and wpcredit, Thank you Strunkenbold-san, i hope your KA7 will work fine.
  11. Thank you Tasos-san and Strunkenbold-san. MS-6167 bios haven't super bypass option, I think involved 751 chip revision, my K7PRO has C5 rev chip but 6167 has C rev. Perhaps as far as I know T-bird will not work properly in KA7, if it works perfectly KA7 will be one of the best slotA board and also EP-7KXA too. http://valid.x86.fr/m6gbpe(T-bird can't work)
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