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  1. Thank you! Ozzy you looks another man on this result sub page, probably it's a bug.
  2. Organizer kicks up the participant's ass.🤣 May I accept the lose and start other things? for example, journey the world to find Radeon 9100 card. just kidding😁 Nice results GRIFF-san!
  3. Yes, big difference, more than 512mb for WAZA(pi 32m) . In 815 chipset it's limited 512mb reluctantly. I don't know multiple memory modules will boost write or read speed as hardware, I have not verified honestly.
  4. Thanks TASOS-san fun comp! congrat to you and Hellas Overclocking team!
  5. Pete-san Tom-san Tasos-san thanks!! In reference https://web.archive.org/web/20060524000035/http://web01.fureai.or.jp:80/~hirobo/english/over_clockers_tool/pll/turbo_pll_01.html
  6. Thanks Paco-san Griff-san, 150 fsb is will be impossible this time, One year ago, fsb upper limit changed in cpu multi, but this time it does not work.
  7. Thank you Griff-san nice you too! about 462 Slot A converter, have you made progress? It looks pretty hard work.
  8. Awesome job GRIFF-san! I hope for your work success.
  9. Kotori

    Please add HW

    Thank you Alex-san, Multi upper limit is x7, BIOS didn't boot at 7.5 and higher (can choose x12 in bios), lower limit is depends on mother board, for example TUSL2-C is x5.5, ST6-E is X4. It's the same as the Tualatin QS chips I have, the multiplier upper limit is locked.
  10. Kotori

    Please add HW

    Hello, Please add CPU Socket 370 Pentium III EB 933Mhz (Tualatin) (ES) Access denied https://valid.x86.fr/drf9e4 Thank you
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