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xxbassplayerxx - Core 2 E8400 (3.0Ghz) @ 6035MHz - 6035.01 mhz CPU Frequency


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Thanks! I got held up at 670 again and this was the other REX... both have a "wall" right there, even with a cold NB.


I think the wall is me :P


Although I tried everything on this... PLL from 1.60V to 1.8V, FSB Term from 1.55V to 1.75V, NB from 1.59V to 1.80V...... I really wanted to get 675 FSB and take the team record.


I also dropped the multiplier down and had the same wall... so the chip definitely isn't maxed out. I got a 1M run (that is hilariously inefficient) at 5.95, so I should be able to get at least 6150 or so on this chip once I figure out the BCLK.

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