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ludek - Pentium 3 1.133Ghz S Tualatin @ 1724MHz - 1min 11sec 92ms SuperPi - 1M


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What I'm doing wrong? Is that because not using WAZA or what? Slow HDD? I'm really poor on tweaking SPI, but tweaked windows quiet nicely I thing. Maybe my problem with second TUSL2-C is too high modded voltage... Max voltage on TUSL2-c is 1.7 without mods on this CPU)

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Ok guys. Thanks for advices. Yes I do know that it is slow in compare with other top results in ranking. I have never played with waza. I tested the influence if using slow disc. My "slow disc" was a old CF card limited to ~5-8 MB/s. My HDD is something older than barracuda 7200.11 to this platform but I can change it to faster device. I think the most slowing down thing when using CF card is a lack of cache inside CF case. And here are the clock-to-clock comparison between CF and HDD:


Hard Disk 1:13:42

CompactFlash 1:21:17


Difference is not that big but can be a real problem.



I miss my Single Stage so much :( :( I have only stupid TECs but at least could be a great fun with thise peltiers devices.

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When i have problem with UDMA in win(somehow PIO mode enable), my hdd works at 6mb/s read and write. I have +0.3-0.5s to result.

If you use waza, then HDD dont make big difference in spi1m.



Cmon man, im on AIR now too) All 4-6 SS of our team dunno where and dont work. Air for pretesting, LN2 for results) SS not intresting toy.

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