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Slot A, did I brick my CPU?


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First time playing with Slot-A and no spare CPU so cant controll measure so checking if someone here is familar with this ancient stuff.


This CPUs are heavily limited by the cashe speed so tried to do a hard mod to change the divider for the cashe from 1/2 to 1/3 according to http://www.ocinside.de/workshop_en/athlonresistors/


Its a 500Mhz cpu with SEC 1/2 seting from start and that matched the setup from the guide and as its such a easy mod to just move 2 resistors did I get lazy and didnt controll measure any resistances before starting.. and ofc didnt it boot at all.




Ive removed the 2 resistors to try and see if there is a short but nothing I can see more then that the surface of the card looks horrible and I should have gone with lower temperature!


the wierd thing:

Point 1 - 2 ~5Ohm

Point 1 - 5 0Ohm

Point 1 - 6 ~5Ohm

Point 2 - 6 0Ohm


Point 3 - 4, 0Ohm

Point 3 - 7, 133kOhm

Point 3 - 8, 133kOhm

Point 7 - 8, 0Ohm


It just doesnt make sence, why move the resistor if R103/R104 seems to be in parallel anyways and same with R106/R107. Have I managed to burn the pcb so bad that Ive shorted something, anyone remember how the resistanse should be in this case and what points shouldnt be shorted?



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You can control the cache divider with CPUcool, so actually there is no need to do soldering work.


Maybe you should also try to clean the pcb with alcohol as the soldering flux can be conducting.


Thansks for the answeer.

Well, I would still have had to solder the multiplier right? Or can that be changed with software also?


Your cleaning advice seems to have fixed one of the 2 problems as R106 and R107 aint the same anymore, it didnt do anything for R103 / R104 side tho.


This is a new image after the cleaning and some more solder removing, the combination of strong light and a bad camera really makes the dirt shine!




I also found this "bad" image of how it should look so I could see what was traces in the pcb. And according to this one should there be a short between R103/R104 at the lower side but not on the top side and I cant see anything that should be a short between R103/R104s top sides and nope, the board still doesnt boot with the CPU, just shows 4 red lights



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Guest TheMadDutchDude

I'll do it for you guys. :)


Unless one of the German fellas wishes to help instead.




Uh ooh. It looks like they've sold out... if you find any more, shoot me a PM and we can organise things. :)

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

I have a reply for you guys!




to the USA its not possible. I send only within Europe.




Harry Betz


I'm happy to be the middle man for you. :)

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Probably a stupid question as my German isnt flawless so to say, but when looking at for example the following item does it say "for Slot A athlon 500MHz", does that meen that its specific for the 500MHz version of the CPU or is it the same device for all Slot A CPUs?



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Guest TheMadDutchDude

Guys, the German shop has two left.


Mr Scott, I know you're definitely down for one.


Rasparthe, did you want the second one? :D


Shipping to me from Germany is going to be 6 Euros, and then from me on to you... I haven't a clue.

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

I think the postage will be about $15 USD for tracked delivery from me to you.


So it would be about $30 USD all in. I'll cover the postage from Germany to me, it's only a few bucks.


I'll just wait to hear back from Ras and then we can go to PM, or, if both of you have Skype, please add me. It'll be easier to communicate with both of you at the same time. :)

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Guest TheMadDutchDude
2 x 12,90 Euro = 25,80 Euro + 6,00 Euro shipping = 31,80 Euro


If we round up by a few bucks and include shipping to you guys, it will be $25 USD each to your door as I said I'd cover the postage from Germany to me. :)

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I'll give Ras a chance to reply as well and then we shall go from there. I'll PM him now.


It's a holiday in Canada this weekend. He is away until Monday.

Go ahead and get both coming to you. If Tony doesn't want it I'll buy both.

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