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Heat conductive glue for adding heatsink to old card?


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Old cards, like nVidia Vanta LT 16MB:



...have no holes around GPU, so that any cooler must be glued on them by some heat conductive glue.


Such glues are for example supplied with the Arctic Cooler Mono Plus VGA heatsink. But when I tried to use it today, I find out, that both tubes - altrough never used before - turned internaly into chewing-gum :mad: :mad: :mad:


That is somewhat surprising to pierce a never opened thermal adhesive to find out, that it is completely useless...


"Thermal Adhesive (included)"




So that makes me wonder, what others use and with what experiences. Because I need some replacement... ;)

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use bracket as on the photo


Same solution proposed my GF. I did not go with it, because the heatsink I picked for this card will be hard to hold on that way well.


the cards are cold enough so much pressure is not needed


Well, my ATI Rage XL (PCI) is cold card. You cannot even tell, that it is working. This nVidia thing is, on the other hand, hot that you burn your finger on it. From back side the PCB changed color from green to more like brown, so... I wholeheartedly disagree there :) Yes, most old cards are cool... but NOT these Vantas. They are one of the hotest cards :(

It might be even worth a shoot to add some serious hook all over the card and press a peltier and watrcooling block against the chip and I bet that 200MHz will be possibility for at least the test to pass...


But I settle for mere aircooling. IIRC I used something Arctic Silver made on R 9100... Ah, that was it:



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...Same solution proposed my GF...


OMG dude, you're one lucky guy, mine is fed up seeing all the hardware on my desk. She even threatened to break up, when I suggested her to help me pouring LN2 last time :D


Back to main topic - I used once a clamp from socket A cooler upside down (hooks away from the card) and attached to VGA with zip ties.

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