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So I have an AC unit... What's next for Phase Change?

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As per the title, I have a 10k BTU AC unit, which needs a minor repair & then it will be set to go for extreme cooling. (Someone decided it would be a great idea to drill a hole in the bottom and punctured one of the copper tubes on the side of one of the rads, so will be a minor fix).


Since I'll have to refill & fix the thing anyway I figured that a Phase Change cooler was in order... What do I need, and where to start?




(Heres a pic of the unit with the cover off:

EmUHJSM.jpg )

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first check your compressor if is for R407c( low back pressure) refrigerant , 10k btu compressor design for R407c will had ~ 18-19 cm3/rev cilynder displacement ... that is what you need for a phase change!


if the compresor is for R410a( hight back pressure) refrigerant , 10k btu compressor design for R410a will had ~ 11-12 cm³/rev cilynder displacement , so used in low back pressure application like oc phase change with low back pressure refrigerant R502 , R404a or R507 isn´t so good!

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