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steponz - GeForce GTX 580 @ 1301/1002MHz - 148163 marks 3DMark03


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well done dude


how are you guys getting 1300 core damn hahah, you have issues going higher in vmem?


i must admit we only tried one card in single runs


confused me for a sec when you said you got a new board yet you called it EX58 cause those are old school models from last year


so you got the rev2 UD5?

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yep, I have had a couple 1300's.. they just don't seem to last.. can't figure out if its memory of the core... they will be benching great then just die..


Not sure if this card is dead.. but I know the cpu is... Tried a bit yesterday.. and cpu is definitely dead.. and started with a new cpu..


Rev2 board also... Really nice board... the cpu was ready to die.. just figured it would last a bit longer... Ill try another run tomorrow.. had put the gpu in the dryer.. since mem was a bit. wet.. we will see tomorrow..

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