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Hi Everyone Guys! Some NOOB Question


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Hello Guys! I'm Andrea, from Italy. I'm a student of Scienze Informatiche here in Bologna, i've got some questions for you!


This summer I built my first computer game , these are the specs:


-Intel i5 4690K;

-MSI z97 gaming 7;

-Galax gtx 980 HOF;

-2 x 4gb Corsair Dominator Platinum kit (2133hz);

-Corsair H110 liquid cooled;

-Corsair RM850 CP;

-Case Corsair Obsidian 750D;

-SSD Samsung 850 Pro 500gb;

-OS Windows 10 Pro.


For now I have not yet experimented overclocking,and my current score in the benchmark is: 768. But here my question for you:

I have only seen after the purchase, the processor supports a maximum of 1.5 volts. The Rams , to turn 2133hz , need 1.65 volts . This makes sense to create problems to the processor ? It reduces the processor life ? Thanks in advance for your reply.



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Hi Andrea,


go slow on the overclock and just up the CPU multiplier one step at a time! Always thoroughly test it and monitor the temps. Take your time and keep on upping the multiplier till it becomes unstable. In that case up the CPU VCore in small increments (0.05) to make it stable again.


Even on your AIO H110 I would not use more than 1.35 CPU VCore for daily gaming purposes. Hopefully you will be able to reach +/- 4500MHz on the CPU at these volts. Don't push 1.5Vcore on it for daily use it is not worth it! (This might sound strange coming form an OCer :P)


Maybe you can start off with 40 x 100 at 1.25Vcore


Than test it with eg Intel XTU It is quite harsh and will tell you in under a few minutes how stable your setup is.


Than do 41 x 100 test it and slowly increase the multiplier and retest again till it Blue Screens ( BSOD) than up the voltage to e.g. 1.3Vcore and test again. It will take some time but it will unleash some free CPU power for sure!!

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