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Does Modaration Tool And Reporting Works?

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As jmke said the other day "the moderation tool works great and so does reporting use it"



So i did but nothing seems to change.


Have a look at this and at the attachment:


http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=732526 ,these results are in the wrong category,i reported them but still there.


He had a 3Dmark03 result in 82845G category which i reported is well and moved by his team captain in to the correct category,but not the Aquamark and 3Dmark06 result.And a 3Dmark05 result which i don't know where is gone.


Also my AquaMark results been blocked(see attachement) and as rb explain to me and i accepted that happen due to lack of verification,as he said "For aquamark results submitted after 8 oct 2007 you need to include a gpu-z/rivatuner screenshot"



If this rule applies to me should apply to them is well:




Nothing has change.


I know there is a lot of work for you and you do great job,just want to make sure that you have notice it.


Thanks a lot.





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I have the same view of this.


I don't think many results I report have been dealt with.


Can someone clear up how we should be reporting results?


Also, I have a couple of blocked scores but received no email notifying me of this. I remember this beeing a problem previously - it might be worth checking this out (no spam filter, no free email service - guaranteed personally hosted email address).


Thanks :)

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I'm glad the report tool works now, but what do we do about a result that has been checked by a moderator and cannot be reported. The main thread for reporting things like this has been "Closed"


This one is in the wrong category. It is a mobile processor. Look at the screenshot. ;)




Please move it to the correct category.



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A user reported one of my scores(see attachment)the reason was "No image with CPU-Z" which checked by a mod and mark it as an old score,nothing wrong so far.


Even if is an old score there is a verification link and by clicking on it you can check if there is or not CPU-Z and if the score is valid,if the link temporary doesn't work you can check it a little later again,then you can report it.




If you are not sure if a score is valid or not ask someone else in your forum about it.


What i am trying to say is that if you try not to report scores that they are valid then the mods will have less work to do and they will be able to check faster scores that must be modarated.


All of us must try to make mods life a little easier.




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I have upload a result a few months ago but it seems it is in the wrong category.


This is the result:



This is a Pentium 3 550Mhz Katmai and i have uploaded in the Pentium 3 550Mhz slot1 Coppermine,but when i search for P3 550Mhz i get only the Coppermines.


Can you please check this result and moved in to correct category if necessary?


Thank you.



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I reported this Aquamark result earlier which hasen't got a GPU-Z/CPU-Z on the screenshot http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=700172 ,the result has been checked by you and marked as ok.


If what rb said i.e."For aquamark results submitted after 8 oct 2007 you need to include a gpu-z/rivatuner screenshot,"doesn't exists any more why my Aquamark results still blocked?


What is the difference between this result and my results?



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All fixed i post them in the other thread,i will try to run them again slowly so all to have a correct screenshot but it will take some time,specially for the GMA 865 i have to rebuild the system.


I am confuse now,i don't know from which day the new rules start count.


Thanks a lot.



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Does Report tool still works?

Please, look at this one`s "entry modification tool":



Are you sure the first score is out of line? Looking at the third in your ranking, it seems that your SM2 and SM3 runs are a bit too low?


Vendeta has a valid FM link, so I'm not really suspecting a cheat here. It's always possible, but I like to follow the non-cheat paths before I follow the others :).

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