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lnlcooling - Core i7 5960X @ 5501.6MHz - 2133 cb Cinebench - R15


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Glad to see your product work! Keep pushing :D


Yeah. Thanks so much! Just barely learning settings stuff with chips and mobos. I'm sure I'll be able to achieve more soon. Kind of shooting in the dark right now though. I know for sure the only reason I can run my gear like this is because of the OCC. Someone said that a higher wattage PSU wouldn't help (I'm currently running a 80+ gold 850w). Do you think I'd be able to get better results with a higher wattage, maybe 1300w PSU?

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5.5G's on 1.55V looks like a pretty nice chip!


Thanks. Great cooling too :-) We ended up getting a new RVE - wanted the warranty and peripherals. Nice I guess for overclocking. I love being able to monitor voltages and temps etc. L&L's trusty '59 will reach higher heights soon! I'm going to gather up some other gear too. I have a R2E with a i7 960 coming and I can't wait to slap the OCC on that baby and push it!

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