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Thanks for the space hwbot



Hello fellow benchers, I have decided to sell a few things and want them to go to good use and not rot away in a gaming rig at 1.5v. So I am exclusively listing here for now and items that don't find interest will go to Fleabay where other rejects were sold. I will add more as I find time, so if you're in the market for Golden PSC and Sammie ddr3 stay tuned


Paypal only for now, buyer is responsible for fee's or free to use "Friends and Family"

All testing done under same conditions (76-78F room AIO waercooling) unless otherwise noted. As always OC results can vary, but I will try my best to be transparent so you know just what you're getting. Shipping priced dependent upon services requested, USPS and UPS are preferred methods





Last call for Patriots high bin PSC XEA/B, QUAD KIT (all 4) $75.00 USD




#5- Patriot Sector 5 DDR3 2 X 2gb 2400 9-11-9 1.65v PSC ic's (Two kits)

High bin psc, I have tested 8 sticks ambient and cold. Bought these as a backup to four other sticks I was using while learning how to bench sub zero. Have not had the time to test these, but if they are like the other 8 tested they should be quite good cold. Perfect for learning on ln2 as I have yet to find any with a CB and unlike some psc continue to scale with voltage. All have black 8117 pcb. If you are looking strictly for an ambient kit these do 2600c8-12-8 easy, but 2666 needs 1.92v and not waza stable.


• Condition = Like New _____ • Price = $44.00/ea




Sec5 Album http://imgur.com/a/jecoX



#1- ASRock Z170 OC Formula (Price Drop)

New open box, original board was rma'd due to unknown issue, just received what Asrock has told me to be a brand new board, with a new serial number. All accessories still sealed in original bags and board has original zip-ties and protective plastic


• Condition = Pristine _____ • Price = $175.00 On Hold




#2- Z97 XPower AC (Price Drop)

New in box, bought 6 months ago or so when z97 OC boards were disappearing from retail. I only opened the box to test psc and sammy ram with new bios. If it was junk then would sell on Ebay where I'd probably make a couple dollars more. Results were better than expected with Samsung timings similar to others with a hair more vdimm. PSC performed rather admirably as I wasn't even sure it would do 2600/tCWL 7, but 2666c8-12-8 tCWL=6 was fairly easy. Only tradeoffs being slightly higher terts and +0.04v dimm give-or-take. Delid die guard cracked the first time I tried on another board so won't be included. Everything else appears to be there, all in original, sealed packages


• Condition = Pristine _____ • Price = $169.00 Sold




Link to ram test etc http://imgur.com/a/VkmxK


#3- Z97 SOC Force

New in box, bought around same time as xpower. Opened box to test for this sale and to update bios to X04, try X08. Board clocks ram great, very similar to it's 2 dimm brother but with 4dimm rtl's and very minimal additional voltage (+0.01) all accesories included in original packaging, and yes you get the famous 4 way sli support


• Condition = Pristine _____ • Price = $167.50 Sold




Album link http://imgur.com/a/ebAmD


#4- Patriot Vipers DDR4 2 x 4gb 3400 16-18-18-36-1.35v

Bought these from the famous "Websmile" himself. Only use was the day they arrived to make sure he didn't swap them with some old Micron from his secret mem drawer. Confirmed his screenshots and did a hair better on voltage. Not sure this particular bin was sold in the US, either way the Egg had similar. Paid $135 € just three months ago plus shipping from a far away land, check the album link... they can be yours for half that


• Condition = Like New _____ • Price = $65.00 Sold




Album link http://imgur.com/a/ajKMh




#6- Corsair Dominator Platinum 4x4gb 2133 9-11-10 1.5v CMD16GX3MA2133C9

For some reason I was obsessed with finding a new set of v4.13 Dom P's. Love the way they look but obviously not wanting to spend a fortune of Hynix ic mems. Eventually found these and had them in my daily for a while. I did test the quality and while they are 2800c9 capable the best stick needs 2.05v and it gets worse from there. Best 2 should be stable around 2.10v, maybe higher so if your looking for bench kits I have 2860+ sub 2v kits coming soon. Great shape and perfect for a daily/gaming rig or custom build. 2933c9 boots just fine but never tested for stability nor do I care to


• Condition = Clean _____ • Price = $109.00 Sold




Album w/ screenies http://imgur.com/a/jBrhC




As many of you know I've gone a bit nutty binning ddr3 in search for the golden sample of PSC and Sammy ic based mems as well as hardware hoarding in general. Time to let some things go so I can focus on other OC aspects. In terms of my ddr3 collection all rejects are gone and only have the best of what I've found for what that's worth. I would say this amounts to 25-30% of what I purchased being worth keeping. I understand I will be taking substantial loss selling at this time but it's not right sitting here unused either. That said I will be keeping 2 or 3 kits of each for myself but these do not need to be the very very best if a fair and agreeable price is met. A couple kits I payed out the nose for so may be impossible to sell even for half of what I payed just 6 months ago. Only trying to be as transparent as possible , finding time to test is difficult and expensive because of my ln2costs and cooling both cpu and mems. I have yet to freeze SKL because of this


Not really interested in trades, but will be looking to buy a good i3 6320 soon. Thanks for your time!

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

Hey Jason,


How much would shipping be on the Dom Plats to England?


I've added you on Skype, we can discuss there if you wish! :)

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

I got them for a steal. ;)


I can't wait to get them in my rig. :D

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