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Current limit throttling on z170x soc force

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I have a strange problem with x08 bios.

Running xtu the cpu will start to throttle on current limit even tho the cpu is running on only 5GHz with 1,44V

Also it seems like c-states are on eventho the are disabled in the bios.

Max current is on 255 (fixed) in bios.

With the regular bios I dont have that problem but i cant run mem very tight on those bioses.


System in a nut shell:

6700K @ 5GHz (1,44v)

Z170X SOC Force

Gskill 3733c17@3800c12 (1,83V)

Cpu cooling is SS@-45(idle)


Advice is more then welcome.

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Bad advice! It's definitely a capable board. I don't think I've seen the throttling recently... here are my last two XTU subs on that board:





It looks like neither throttled. Do you have OS and BIOS power saving disabled? Do you have it set to C7/C8 power state or w/e?


EDIT: Ignore RTL's on the second sub. Didn't realize they were fucked when I subbed it. Must have had a bad boot.

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