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[FS] Z77-UP7 / EP45-UD3P DDR2 / i5 6500 / 780 Lightning / 980 TI Matrix


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I'd really like to ONLY ship to USA, PayPal only.


Heatware feedback:


Reviews/Feedback for LaysDarren | HeatWare.com



1: I5 6500 - $140 shipped to US48 with flat rate 2 day box USPS


I bought it off reddit and used it for an XTU submission, looking to sell it now as I have no use for it.




2. 980 TI Matrix Platinum SOLD


This card has great memory and overclocks very well on DICE, I haven't seen any other cards go this high on DICE. I didn't test any higher, this was my first ever time dry icing it, and the only time I ever dry iced it. Card still works perfectly, I use it as a 24/7 gaming card. Looking to upgrade to a 1080 maybe, and hang up my benching hat perhaps.


1800 mhz @ 1.563v software in Firestrike:



Lays`s 3DMark - Fire Strike score: 22107 marks with a GeForce GTX 980 Ti





3. Gigabyte EP45-UD3P + 2 free cpu's (e8500 e5200) + binned DDR2 (2.5v 5-5-5-15 1280+ mhz) - $100 shipped to US48


I bought this to get into 775 but I honestly can't be bothered. Board looks brand new, I replaced the thermal paste on the NB with thermal grizzly kryonaut





4. Gigabyte Z77-UP7 SOLD


I bought this on ebay, guy said it had coil whine but in my testing it worked just fine. I have the I/O shield and the Wifi/bluetooth thingie, nothing else.





5. GTX 780 Lightning + Ln2 heatsink - $160 shipped to US48


Bought this off reddit, it has Hynix memory and seemed to clock really high on memories on Valley (think I got it to do +825) can't seem to get core past 1350 mhz on watercooling.



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