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  1. This is great news just dont sign till after the wife divorces me. Seriously I'd eat ramen noodles to donate.
  2. I dare you to run that on actual "H20" vs "insert random subzero fluid here ". Btw H20 is water in case you um forgot. And Great photo. Kind of hard to "picture" beating an invisible rig.
  3. glws best haul i have seen in a while .. but i like eating indoors ;< pm me with anything i can hide under the bed for next year hehe
  4. So just curious . is dice still in apprentice and ln2 in different category? nice one... heres an idea lets remove points on the benches that i need to run the old hardware i bought and lump sub Zero cooling with water .. oh wait .. you did that last year ... never mind. .. just like fantastic 4.. Flame on ;> * edit .. i respect current admin and I'm happy to follow any rules decided by them. peace.
  5. Another one bites the dust :> Good to see you doing what you do best. Every little bit helps ;>
  6. Well thanks mods for jumping on this asap. I hope this guy gets a chance to tell his side but .. seems a strong vote from many known ocer. Seems i took too long to post :> If someone is found guilty of a cheat i hope they get a strong message in the shape of a ban. This will create havoc for all of the mods and its pretty sad. I feel for the guys who have slaved over these benches looking for legit tweaks and worked so very hard to put up a good score.
  7. so the scores and points gained by this method are safe ? thank god he gets to keep the other scores cus wow .. all that hard work changing the clock back and forth.. amazing work.
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