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[FS] 2x2GB G.Skill PSC (1400 6-9-6 on LN2)


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Up for sale is a pair of 2GB G.Skill PSC modules.


There is quite a story behind this kit. A few years ago, I took my entire stock of PSC (multiple airbinned 2000C6, 2400C9, 2400C8) and sent it over to Xtreme_Addict for LN2 testing. This was the pair that dominated all others, so it ended up being my top PSC kit until spring of 2015 when Daniel discovered a better LN2 kit among my 2200C7 that were relatively unimpressive on air. Although this kit has been tested on LN2 by multiple people (which also reflects in a relatively poor optical state it is in), I was never able to properly test it myself due to lack of reliable platform and/or due to Dutch LN2 prices. Technically, this kit is in a top-notch condition and has no issues running full pot.


The air results are as follows:

1300 7-12-7-28 tWCL6: 1.98V with ASUS M6I + 4770K, 1.99V with ASUS M7G + 4770K.

1333 8-12-8-28 tWCL6: 1.80V with ASRock Z97 OCF + G3258, 1.81V with ASUS M7I + 4670K (by websmile), 1.82V with ASUS M6I + 4770K, 1.82V with ASRock Z97 OCF + 4770K, 1.84V with ASUS M7I + 4770K.

1375 8-12-8-28 tWCL6: 1.91V with ASUS M7I + 4670K (by websmile).


Some LN2 results:

1400 6-9-6-24 at 2.25-2.30V with ASUS M6I + 4770K (by Xtreme_Addict). Note: to run 1400 tRCD 9 you need a very strong IMC.

1400 6-10-6-22 at 2.25-2.30V with MSI Z97 Xpower + 4770K.

1429 6-10-6-22 at 2.20-2.25V with ASUS M6I + 4770K.


I have no idea how much PSC are worth in the modern economy, so let me start at 150 Euros including worldwide shipping. I am also open to any reasonable offers.

Given that testing PSC on cold is not a walk in the park, I will gladly take the kit back within 3 months of delivery if the buyer is not satisfied with LN2 results and the kit is still alive (I only accept DOA returns within 7 days of delivery).

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Kit looks strong, a few examples really stand out to me. First that 1375c8 air run at 1.91v with waza, the 1430c6 at 2.2ish v and most certainly the 1400c6 XPower run t WCL=6 and proper thirds or advanced column in CommnadCenter, believe me not easy. Plus 3 month satisfaction policy almost got a guy with too much psc to begin with buy more.


Good luck with sale, though I doubt you'll need it. Good guy, good seller

I got this kit from him about a year ago


Tapakah HYKO 2400c9 TridentX - Album on Imgur

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