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[FS][EU] DDR3, Rampage Extreme, Maximus 5 Gene, Rampage 3 Extreme, X48-DQ6

Guest harrynowl

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Guest harrynowl

Looking to clear some bits as they are not currently in use


1) 4 x 2GB PSC Ballistix


These Ballistix have been used for many of my subs. They did 2400C7 around 1.7-1.72v, I could do 2500C7 on ivy with a tRCD of 12. 2600C8 was possible on Haswell although I had to run tRCD 13 whilst in dual channel. This was just using preset profiles and not fine tuning. Ideal for X79 or 1155.


Timestamp: http://i.imgur.com/KS9zfvN.jpg


2) 4 x 2GB Hyper Sector 5s


I used these for 775 mostly, although I gave them a go on 1156 and 1366. They did 6-6-5-18 ~1800 on 775 no problems and I could run ~2000 7-7-6-20 write latency 6 around 1.75v-1.8v if my memory serves me correctly.


Timestamp: http://i.imgur.com/RUIfRnX.jpg


3) ASUS Rampage Extreme (X48)


I used this for a lot of my 775 benching.. sadly it died without warning however I do believe it could be the BIOS chips as that area of the board got wet before. Although it isn't my best board so I never got around to sorting it out. Comes with the box and most or all accessories (to my knowledge) including the NB waterblock, extended VRM heatsink + fan, 2x barb reductions, USB/firewire rear I/O, manual and I/O shield. Comes with free E5200 socket protector.


Timestamps: http://i.imgur.com/jtnhHYT.jpg http://i.imgur.com/53iq18N.jpg


4) ASUS Rampage 3 Extreme (X58)


Didn't see much use from me. I did a couple of phase runs so it probably saw 2-3 hours under cold. CPU pictured in socket is not included in this sale. Comes boxed with I/O shield and manual. 1 of the rear USB2.0 ports was damaged by previous user but everything else is OK.


Timestamp: http://i.imgur.com/DCpIFlU.jpg


5) Gigabyte X48-DQ6 (X48)


I bought this board with the intention of using it for binning but just stuck to my P35 instead. Only powered on to test. Comes with 2x1GB D9 GMH RAM although as pictured one of them had an unfortunate accident, maybe someone can help it out. Also has free socket protector E5200. No accessories or box with this one.


Timestamp: http://i.imgur.com/j4aSTmh.jpg


6) Maximus 5 Gene (Z77)


I used this for my 1155 single stage benching, board has no trouble, only comes with the I/O shield although it will be sent in a M8G box. Board is still insulated using putty but I can remove it at a buyer's request.


Timestamp: http://i.imgur.com/Jt8IXwY.jpg



1) £55 + Shipping (~£5 within Europe, £3 to UK) Sold!

2) £65 + Shipping (~£5 within Europe, £3 to UK) Sold!

3) £25 + Shipping (~£15 within Europe, £8 to UK) Sold!

4) £125 £100 + Shipping (~£15 within Europe, £8 to UK) Sold!

5) £50 £40 + Shipping (~£15 within Europe, £5 to UK) Sold!

6) £80 £75 + Shipping (~£15 within Europe, £8 to UK) Sold!


Payment via PayPal 'gift' or buyer pays fees.

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Guest harrynowl
Shipping cost to Italy for ASUS Rampage Extreme (X48)?





Rampage Extreme is currently on hold


I will update OP to reflect this :)

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Guest harrynowl
Good afternoon

Send to Brazil ?

where the value of the delivery?


Payment by Pay Pal


Thank you



4) ASUS Rampage 3 Extreme (X58)

5) Gigabyte X48-DQ6 (X48)

6) Maximus 5 Gene (Z77)


PM sent :)

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