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  1. how much? no warranty problem if stickers are good
  2. Shipping cost to Italy? very very interested, wooow
  3. pilu

    Z97 SOC

    Shipping cost to Italy? Thanks
  4. pilu


    right, show bench please
  5. thanks edit: Mainboards.xlsx not find in dropbox
  6. please add this mobo: ASRock H61M-IDE ASRock > H61M-IDE Intel Pentium G620 @ 2593.81 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR THANKS
  7. Do I have to ask for the price one by one hardware I'm interested in? OMG
  8. shipping cost to Italy for Rampage 5 Extreme? Thanks
  9. How do I clean with what product? Thanks for explanation, I have no experience with LET CPU mosfet zone, I need mount heatsink
  10. US48 shipping cost for Italy? each Gigabyte interested please expain me how to remove insulation in CPU phase zone beacuse I don't have nitrogen. THANKS edit: warranty?
  11. no box or accessories for 6970?
  12. E chip on TridentZ? do you have bench?interested
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