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If it was mentioned before, sorry I missed it.

But were unlocked CPUs given their own category?

I tried submitting an UNlocked Sempron 130 to Athlon II x2 430

MrPaco`s HWBOT Prime score: 1611.48 pps with a Sempron 130

But there is no new category for the unlocked version .


Then looked up my 170u runs and see that a new category was added for the unlocked version Athlon II x2 270

Do I submit my unlocked 170u in the Athlon II x2 270 or in the 170u?

Am I wrong?

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Thats how I've always done it in the past,

Prime example:

My unlocked 170u unlocked to Athlon II x2 270 are subbed under 170u with 2 active cores. But BotPrime automatically put in the Athlon II x2 270u catigory.

There was no option to edit it when submitting the run.

MrPaco`s HWBOT Prime score: 1524.21 pps with a Athlon II X2 270u


Then I see a category FOR Athlon II x2 270 and one for 270u: AMD Athlon II X2 270 @ HWBOT


Thats why I ask, cause someones gonna have their hands full trying straighten all these categories with unlockable cpus


The way I see it is:

Athlon II x2 270U is for the UNlocked 170U

and the

Athlon II x2 270 is for the Retail TRUE x2 270.


But hey I could be waaaaaaay of base here :D


See what Strunkenbold has in mind :)

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