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Freakezoit - Mirage 3 @ 420/384MHz - 5885 marks 3DMark2001 SE

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nope i could reproduce that https://ibb.co/Yk3cPpm my gpu clocks and gpu mem clocks are higher than yours also i did enable 32bit z buffer and he disabled it. when you look @ his powerstrip clocks you see that his gpu clock and mem clock are not sync and i did set the clocks within the powerstrip ini. Without that you can`t get higher clocks than 372mhz thats why i also showed the fillrate test . With that i could see that the clock was higher than without that ini tweak . And if you look @ his everrest reported fillrate than you see its 744mpixel mine is 2x times that @ 3md01 . Also there is one thing which is funny with that board the cooler it gets the higher it clocks without doing anything. But if you think its out of sync than do that. The score he compared is 6 years older than that and was @ stock gpu without oc tweaks and so on.
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