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Ln2 Dewar 50l


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Hello everyone, I'm looking for a Dewar 50l in good condition, someone who has to take it off? It rates even some Dewar 30l


the best thing to do is look on ebay for dewars with no lid and best offer, and give like really low ball offer, most will of course say no, but I got 3 dewars this way. Then I bought a 20L off my ln2 supplier, the welding supply, and they hooked me up with a couple of lids.


You could also try your ln2 supplier, they sometimes have old cheap ones.


I got really lucky also. Bought one on ebay and came with huge dent. I complained because wasnt in the picture. They refunded my money and didnt ask for tank back. it holds great. I put a camera with a string and did a video of the inside and the vaccum isnt damaged.


Try stuff like this.

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