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Video card issue

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I have a setup of a gigabyte mobo z series a 2500k processor 16gig of ram and a few hdds. I bought a new asus gtx 1070 video card from a Nvidia 660 gtx, my issue is that it's not functioning correctly. Ie: playing ark survival evolved into used to get around 30 fps with my new on I get around 5. I installed the drivers but the experience from nvidia will not install. Nothing installs except the drivers. I have win 10 home. Any ideas on how to get it work correctly?b1d2990c47db566b78e1d129ed84a1fe.jpg


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Well, you can check if the driver is approved for the card, you can use gpuz to check the pci-e status and use the monitoring to check if the card moves to 3d at gaming. Often this is caused by remains of old drivers, maybe you should uninstall driver again, use a driver cleaner to remove all remains of old nvidia drivers, re install newest driver and then check again. Very hard for me to give advice from the distance

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