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Problems with Intel XTU and Windows 7 SP1

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First of all, i reinstalled the OS. Right before the reinstallation the XTU reads out my systeminformations without any Problems. I did installing all the drivers exactly in the same order as before, but intel xtu now have some issues I can't fix. Using google over hours and testing and deinstalling. I complete reinstalled the OS again, but that wont help me. You will find a Screenshot of the intel XTU window i can see right now. My problem is, that it dont knows my CPU. All the other stuff is completely in the right order with the right specs. If you guys can help me, that whould be realy nice.


Best regards




ps. sorry for my bad english

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Try the latest xtu version that is for download here, if this does not work try an older version which is also available at the thread. Unless your win7sp1 misses a vital part on drivers, this might fix the problem


P.S. You can run XTU on 8 and 10 as well, if you have the chance to check this it might confirm if it is OS issue, xtu version or if something is wrong with BIOS or MEI

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