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SC1 stage 5 HD7870?


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Ive merged the respective cores of HD 7000, 8000, Rx families and they are actually not as much as we had to add for SC2 stage5. So Massman should be able to add those here as well.

Since the original competition started with HD7000 Series + rebranded stuff, I fear it wouldnt be fair if we exclude some HD 7000 cards now.

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The point is that we excluded these from the start, Gregor^^ - Pieter did not want that much cards in it and went by graphics core from the beginning, so we would add cards now that weren´t allowed when the competition started. If there would have been a possibility to make Johan or meankeys submit without changing the playing field, it would have been OK for me for sure. But they were not allowed from start

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Sounds more like he/you just forgot about Pitcairn include 7970 Tahiti leave out 7870 Pitcairn include 7770 Cape Verde and the cores below in the 7000 series.

Just doesnt make sense other than it was forgotten

Also its just one more word that would of been in the rules.


I wouldnt expect it to be included now though thats just the way it happened so be it.


Michael I do have great admiration for you and the rest of the staff here you all do a fantastic job.:)

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Not to keep arguing and I know there were a few errors in the original e-mail that was sent out. When I set this up at OCF in the bench section to try and get things organized I copy and pasted the original e-mail.

Hi Johan45

It’s that time of year again when overclocking teams on HWBOT start eyeing the the HWBOT Team Cup, the ultimate prize in team-oriented overlocking. It’s a contest that pits dozens of teams of overclockers against each other with a total of thirty stages that covers virtually every hardware category imaginable.




Running throughout the months of July, August, September, the HWBOT Team Cup is surely the truest test of competitive team overclocking, requiring the broadest possible array of skill sets with overlockers invited to bench on everything from the latest Skylake and Haswell E platforms to legacy Intel and AMD platforms including stages devoted to DDR2 and DDR tweaking as well as two newly devised ‘Dogpile’ stages that require you to make as many submission as possible on as many CPUs as possible.




This year’s contest involves five separate challenges or sub-competitions as we refer to them, each with an historical epoch in mind. Contest categories include Current Generation, Modern, Legacy, Vintage and Dogpile. Let’s look at the stages in more detail regarding specific hardware limitations and benchmarks.




Click to Read More





Sub-Competitions and Stages


SC1: Current Gen (DDR4)


Stage 1: SuperPI 1M - Skylake/Haswell (Average of 3 best CPUs)

Stage 2: 3DMark11 Full Out - GeForce 600/700

Stage 3: HWBOT Prime - Mobile Haswell/Skylake (Average of 3 best CPUs)

Stage 4: Geekbench3 Multi Core - Steamroller

Stage 5: 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme - Radeon HD 7000 + Rx2/3 rebrand (Average of 3 best GPUs)

Stage 6: GPUPI for CPU 1B - Haswell E

Stage 7: Memory Clock - DDR4

Participate in SC1


From this there was no indication that only "some" HD7870s were allowed, tahiti OK, pitcairn bad. You would assume all HD7000 series were eligible.

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