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MSI GD55 Mem Issues


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Hi Guys,


Does anyone on the P67 MSI boards have problems with memory timings?


No matter what setting I choose, what speed or voltage, I can't choose my own timings. I've tried 4 different sets of memory, loaded the OC BIOS .171 & latest .181 but to no avail. If I change just one tiny setting from auto (bios reports cas 8 is auto) to cas 9 the board won't boot. It'll power up and nothing happens. I have to reset the CMOS to get back to normal. My timings are holding me back but if I can't change them from auto.. Well what you going to do? Lol.

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Have you tried raising your tras? I found that on 2 different types of ram that would get the system to boot..


Still doesn't help that much with performance.. but it helps with something.. I really think it has to do with the modules on this board...


I am going to give the gb ud7 board a run to see what I can get out of her...

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