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[FS] LN2 BINNED 6700K & DDR3 & DDR4 HyperX mems

Xtreme Addict

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This time to sell my 2x best i7 6700K from private binning! Cpus are a very good preparation for nextgen :) And some rare memories HyperX special bin for HOT FINAL 2014 and Computex 2015 HWBOT Gathering.






1. My best CPU from private binning i7 6700K, 6585 MHz for HWBOT PRIME, very strong on air and very strong with hard HT benchmarks like Cinebench. Binned IMC for 4280 MHz 12-12-12 SPI32M CW - SOLD shipped world wide with tracking.


2. 2nd best CPU, i7 6700K also 6585 MHz HWBOT PRIME. Binned IMC for 4280 MHz 12-12-12 SPI32M CW - 500 Euro shipped world wide with tracking.


3. HyperX 2666CL10 DDR3 Samsungs 2x4 GB (special samples, never retail, but come with fancy HyperX heatspreader), HOT Final 2014 edition can run 2933 9-12-12 tight 1T for benchmarks on air. 2 kits available, price per 1 kit - 2 kits are SOLD shipped world wide with tracking.


4. HyperX 3333C16 DDR4 Hynix MFR 4x4 GB Quad Channel kit, special samples, with Heatspreader, never retail. The strongest bin of MFR by HyperX created specially for HWBOT Gathering. Those mems are the strongest MFR I had in my life (slightly better than 3333C17 MFR HOT Final 2015 - price is pending.

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