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(FS)Apacer3733/ vintage GPUs


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all offered work except for one vga, on details refer to descriptions below




1. 2x Zotac GTS250 AMP 1024MB


Very good condition, tested last days and they work flawless. Bulk




2. 1x Zotac GTX280 AMP 1024MB


Checked yesterday, excellent condition, Bulk




3. Point of View 8800GTS 320MB


A3, good condition, works flawless



4. Nvidia Geforce 8800GT 512MB with Vortex cooler


Works tested also last days, Bulk with an aftermarket Vortex cooler



5. 2x XFX Geforce 8800GTS 512MB Alpha Dog edition (650+678M)


Checked on function on both, they work without problems, Bulk




6. 2x Asus Geforce 9800GT Ultimate 512MB (one ok, one defective)


One cards works flawless.

The second one does not work with discrete driver, was never ovened or tried to repair. For parts or repair








8. 2x8GB Apapcer DDR4-3733 17-19-19-39 1,35v


The kit is from a competition I was at, slight remains of vaseline are on one side of the sticks. 4133 18-19-19-39 1T 1,35v stable memtest and 32m on MOCF, something not even best gskill, patriot or geil I had did. Benchstable 3866 12-11 around 1,8v BIOS. Compability is not great on these sticks, 4k does not boot on my mocf despite quality of sticks and ics being good. Bulk




Prices, these do not include shipping


1. 45 Euros sold

2. 35 Euros sold

3. 15 Euros sold

4. 20 Euros sold

5. 40 Euros sold

6. 40 Euros sold

8. 100 Euros


Payment with paypal or western union, shipping depends on item and weight, on the graphic cards I will only ship to eu, mems I can ship for 10-14 Euros with deutsche Post depending on insured value



Disclaimer Private sale, no returns accepted and I also rule out any kind of warranty by me

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